September 17, 2007

Yeehaw! On Sunday after I got back from Drill Weekend, I went with the KIPers to go see the Yarn Harlot at East High. I arrived in uniform because a) I didn’t have time to change, b) I DID have time to change, but couldn’t tear myself away from Twist to go home and come back, and c) I admit it, I love the idea of getting attention by being a knitter in uniform. Being a PFC, I’m calling myself a “KFC”, a “knitter first class”. ^_^ We all really had a great time listening to her musings and whatnot. I did feel a little badly for not having a book for her to sign, but I asked her to sign my ticket instead (which she did gladly) while I told her my story. She snapped my picture and put it on her blog with my little story. Wow, I feel frickin’ famous! Now sifting through the comments, I’m loving reading about me. (I TOLD you I’m vain!) It’s nice to hear the support of a knitting soldier. We need to start a petition to let soldiers knit in Basic Training if they have their Smart Book memorized and can answer lots of board questions. (For christ’s sake, enough with the smart book already.) So HOORAY! Thank you to you Ms. Harlot for choosing our fair city to come visit, and for satisfying my insatiable ego. ^_^ I say HOOAH!


Pictures finally!

March 15, 2007

My poor husband had to put the pics on his laptop and then transfer them to my computer since practically NONE of the ports on my tower want to cooperate. Rawr. Anyway, here you go.

The finished Clapotis!


This picture has distorted colour, but it’s a close-up view of the stitches, and I rather like it. Here you go!

Clapotis close up

This is what was left over of the clapotis!


And of course, here’s me with it on!


For some reason, these pics are looking mighty crappy in thumbnails, so hover over them for a more clear view, or click on them for a direct link to the large image. I don’t get why they’re coming out so nastily pixelated all of a sudden. Blech.

I also have progress on Cindy and some new bags to show off, but it’s 10:00 pm, my vacation to Kansas City starts tomorrow (!!!) and I’m done fighting with the computer for the evening! Goodnight, and good weekend!

February 10, 2007

Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb Lakeview


For some reason, the second one just insisted on being a blurry thumbnail in the post. Go figure.  Click the link to check out what will be my beautiful socks.  I can not WAIT to knit with this stuff!!  I really hope I hurry up and get it already!

I SERIOUSLY cannot wait! This is driving me nuts! I just sent the payment last night, I can’t believe they’re coming!!


February 8, 2007

EEP! I did it! I can’t believe I splurged on some yarn for myself.  I just have to get rid of all this other yarn that I have.  I can’t believe all the junk I have lying around the house.  Baby blue acrylic, Paton’s rumour that doesn’t want to turn into ANYTHING,  tons of cotton I bought while smitten with Mason Dixon’s “warshrags” (still am a little), and a sweater’s worth of wool frogged in multi-sized balls.  ACK!

Thank God for the 3 skeins of Lorna’s Laces lion and lamb coming to me!  and for the 2 skeins of Lorna’s Laces shepherd sock!  I can’t wait to send out the money and get the package!…that is, if my husband doesn’t kill me first!

Finished and Frogged!

January 22, 2007

Well Cindy’s done!  And she’s humongous! I’m in the process of frogging the whole thing and taking it down a few sizes.  I think it’ll be easier to knit up the second time around.


January 11, 2007

I can’t believe it! I’ve knit, I’ve frogged, I’ve re-knit, re-frogged, re-knit, re-frogged, etc. etc. etc.  I was getting close to making Cindy a freakin’ VEST when I finally ended up with the 67 stitches I’m supposed to have for my sleeve cuff! HOORAY FOR ME! Maybe now I can finally finish this sleeve that is taking me FOR-EV-ER!

To the In-Laws!

January 3, 2007

To whoever said that in-laws are disrespectful, trying, or just plain rude: Honey, you’ve never met my in-laws. My husband’s parents visited us for the new year, and what a time we had! On top of showering us with dinners at our (and hopefully theirs) favourite restaurants, they brought cake!! Let me give you all the background. In October of 2005, My husband and I got married. (YES, to each other, sheesh.) We had the most un-be-lieve-able chocolate cake with rasberry mousse filling. It was fantastic! Of course, since we got married in Massachusetts, and we lived in Kansas, it was very impractical for us to take the cake top with us. My newly acquired in-laws graciously offered to lend us their freezer space for the cake. It has been in their freezer ever since, even passing our 1st anniversary! My husband bought some lovely Schwartzwaldtorte (Black forest cake basically), but it just wasn’t the same. I could hardly believe my eyes when they told me to look in the fridge. A paper plate with tinfoil? What could be in there? I couldn’t imagine it would be the top to the wedding cake from 1500 miles away! They told us that airplane security confiscated all their ice they had packed it in, so the cake braved the air sans ice, and made it through the car trip from Kansas City! Not only do I have a pair of truly awesome in-laws, but I have a really awesome baker in my address book!

As if all this wasn’t enough, I had told (ok, griped and complained to) my husband about the fact that there was no such thing as Campbell’s Scotch Broth out here in Wichita, nor are there any stoned wheat thins! (NO not those monstrosities in the yellow box, Red Oval Farms Stoned Wheat Thins!) RAWR! Why must my favourite grocery items be regional? *wah* After they’d presented us with all our Christmas presents, they pulled out this grocery bag full of 3 boxes of crackers, and 5 cans of my Scotch Broth!

Soup+crackers! Lunch

I hope they didn’t think I liked it better than the other presents with my reaction, but I couldn’t believe how on target and how thoughtful that was! I know the hubby helped them out, but it was just incredible to get a little taste of home! Now I need to go buy some Brie so I can properly eat my crackers, at least that’s the excuse!

Here a few pictures of the events that have since transpired.

Here are a few pictures of Tim’s lovely Christmas stocking that someone in the family knit him. I hope to learn from it, and knit some for my family in the future.

Tim's Christmas stocking Duplicate stitch detail Heel detail Toe detail

My Lion Brand’s “Learn to Cable” scarf is going okay, some of the cables are looking a little wonky, but I suppose it isn’t called a LEARN to cable scarf for nothing! Here goes: LB Learn to cable Learn to Cable, top down

And of course, how could I end a blog entry without posting some more of Cindy? Here’s her neckline, she’s almost done, just have to do sleeves now! Cindy Neck

I’ve recently been starting a new scarf to practice my cables on.  I admired Ms. Tammy’s “Learn to Cable” scarf from Lion Brand, but I wasn’t a fan of how my bulky yarn was turning out.   I thought perhaps I could modify the pattern for worsted weight yarn, and so I have. I don’t have a picture of my progress as of yet, but as soon as I finish wrestling with the camera I’ll put one up for you all to see. Have fun with the pattern, and I hope it works well for you all!

Oh my God…

December 20, 2006

Yeah, I just looked at the pattern again. It turns out I didn’t have to “decipher” anything, it wasn’t printed “backwards” at all, there are clear instructions for the right, just in the lower right hand corner where I didn’t see them!  Ack!   Well I suppose I should take solace in the fact that it came out pretty good anyway!  So Hooray for me, regardless of the fact that I can’t follow instructions!

Well I’ve finished the front’s left side and I’m working on the right side now, or at least I’m trying to!   The pattern says “work the same as left”, but wouldn’t you want it worked the opposite so that the stitching matches up?  If you worked it the same, the neckline would be by the armhole and vice-versa, right?   So here I am trying to decipher this neckline pattern backwards WHILE I’m shaping the armhole at the same time!  EEK! Maybe it’s time I wrote a note to Berocco.